How to become successful: Think and Grow Rich



  • Interviews of 500 most successful people in 1937 to find common behaviors and traits.

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Secrets to success

  • DETERMINATION is key to success.
    • Persist when it gets tough.
    • Get good at making split-second decisions & firmly standing behind them.
    • Have unwavering faith in yourself. Place less importance on critical opinions.
  • Plan your goals, prioritize them, decide how much you’re willing to sacrifice, outline each step of the path.
  • Build a team of smart and diverse people. Delegate knowledge, sum is greater than the parts.

Other Tips

  • Avoid negative emotions like rage, hate, revenge, pessimism. People will always offer their cheap opinions. Positive emotions are key to a successful life.
  • Regularly persuade yourself subconsciously that you can do it, to boost determination. This is called auto-suggestion.
  • Be willing to continue learning throughout your life.

Interesting ideas

  • Creative imagination is coming up with completely new things. It’s how ingenious composers, visual artists, and writers create works unlike anything before.
  • Synthetic imagination is rearranging old ideas into new combinations. See the big picture, and imagine how different or related ideas may combine to form something new.


Additional Notes:

Why are determination and unwavering faith in yourself important?

  • Setbacks and failures are inevitable for achieving great success. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 experiments before succeeding. Writer Fannie Hurst suffered 36 rejections before a single one of her short stories was published. In order to succeed, you must have a burning desire to realize your dreams.
  • Our own faith in ourselves has enormous influence on our self-image and way of life. It can help move mountains.

Why are positive emotions important?

  • Our subconscious constantly receives and stores both positive and negative sensory stimuli, feelings, and thoughts.
  • “Feeding” more positive emotions helps you stay motivated & confident.

How do I properly continue learning?

  • Develop ability to know where you can find knowledge. You should surround yourself with network of experts who share specialized knowledge.
  • Focus on learning the right things. Leverage your own strengths to fully exploit your potential.
  • Examples: take classes & acquire practical experiences.





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