[How to Talk to Girls Podcast] – Ep 1: Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work

How To Talk To Girls podcast - Dating, Sex & Relationship Advice For Men
Dating, Sex & Relationship Advice For Men

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This episode offers advice on best ways to approach girls.


General Advice

  • Best pick up line is just to say “Hi!” It’s almost original at this point because everyone is trying to use a pick up line.
  • What you say doesn’t actually matter. What matters is how you say it.
  • Before the opener, take 3 big, deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth to get the nerves out.
  • Walk slowly to them, make eye contact, have a big smile on your face, and then say the opening.
  • Slow everything down. Chances are you’re going to be very fast because you’re nervous. Talk slowly and enunciate the words that come out of your mouth. You want to be calm but still have energy. Podcast has great audio of him speaking calmly but with energy.

Body Language

  • Keep your hands to the side and out of your pockets. You will look much better.
  • Have a good posture with shoulders back and trying to be as tall as you can.
  • Don’t fidget, crack your knuckles, play with your hands, or cross your arms.

Opener Types

  • Opinion Opener
    • Example: Going up to a girl with two cologne and asking her what type she likes.
    • Example: Who is your favorite pop singer from the 90’s, Michael Jackson or Madonna?
    • Example: Relationship question – Hey my friend is dating this girl but she calls him like five times per day, is that normal?
    • You should try to be authentic and not use opinion openers unless you actually care about that opinion.
  • Situation Opener
    • Something that has to do with the situation around you.
    • Example: Wow this bar has great drinks doesn’t it?
    • Example: Comment on the event you’re at, like the DJ, the music, the lights, the people around you, etc.
  • Social openers
    • This is usually for multiple girls. The goal is to show them that you’re social.
    • Example: You girls look cool/nice/fun. I had to come over and say hi.
  • Intention openers
    • Directly stating you’re attracted to the girl.
    • Example: Hey you look cute, I had to come meet you.
    • Example: You look adorable, I had to come over and say hi.
    • Example: You know what, I’d regret it for the rest of the day if I didn’t come over and say hi.

Transitions After the Opener

  • For Opinion and Situation openers, the transition is automatic. You just keep talking about the topic.
  • For Social and Intentional openers, you can transition with something like:
    • How do you guys know each other?
    • What are you guys celebrating tonight?
    • Let me guess questions where you randomly guess things about them: Let me guess, you’re X’s best friend, met her at Y place, and currently majoring in Z.

Action Items

  1. Try these tips next time you see a girl you’re interested in and want to approach her.
  2. Keep a good posture at all times. Shoulders back, hands on the sides out of the pockets, and looking as tall as possible.

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