This blog was started to help people live a better life, and one of the best ways to do so is through knowledge found in books, podcasts, blogs, and other mediums of conveying information. But with our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to not only go through these mediums, but also pick out which ones will align with our interests and be worthwhile. I know I’ve certainly caught myself reading a book or listening to a podcast that I felt wasn’t the best use of my time, either because it wasn’t interesting or because the important information was dragged on with anecdotes.

This blog aims to solve this problem. Each post will be a summary of the most important points of a highly rated source of content. Based on the summary, there will always be a few action items at the end of the post for you to take and apply to your life to see improvements. Should you find the post interesting, feel free to check out the actual material itself.

The covered material will always be something I’ve found helpful for living a better life. Sample topics include happiness, time management, relationships, money, decision making, self, survival, motivation, and human behavior. As long as it’s helpful and applicable to everyone, you can expect to find summaries on the best books, podcasts, and blogs for that subject.

Ultimately, I hope you find the information as helpful as I’ve found it, and thanks for reading!


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